Book a Fall photo session with Diana Berrent Photography

Though she moved to Long Island, Diana is still very much an UWS favorite!

From: Diana Berrent Photography <photo>
Date: July 22, 2014 at 10:08:22 AM EDT

Subject: Book a Fall photo session with Diana Berrent Photography
Reply-To: Diana Berrent Photography <photo>

Book a Fall photo session with Diana Berrent Photography

Fall Photo Sessions – October 18, October 25 and November 15
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Diana Berrent, NYC’s top portrait photographer,
is taking early reservations this year so you can get a head start on Fall!

Check one thing off your list then get back to enjoying your summer

CLICK HERE TO RESERVE your Central Park photo shoot on:
October 18, October 25 or November 15


To reserve, email diana

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Free Parenting Workshop at Rutgers Community Programs

Free Parenting Workshop on Getting Ready for Preschool
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We hope you’re enjoying your summer.

Parents are invited to attend the next free parenting workshop at Rutgers Community Programs, on Monday, July 28, 6-7:30pm. This workshop, called Cutting the Cord: Preschool Edition, will help you prepare your child–and yourself–for a major transition in your lives: sending your child to preschool.

Led by Anna Mudrick, M.Ed., a teacher in our Ready, Set, Go preschoolers program with a Master’s Degree from Bank Street, and Michelle Canarick, Ph.D., a psychologist and founder of NYC Mom Support, this discussion will help you manage the feelings associated with starting preschool, and show you how to successfully incorporate the school into your lives.

Space is limited, so please email Jennifer Moore to RSVP. Thanks, and we’ll see you soon!


Jennifer Moore
Programs Coordinator
Rutgers Community Programs
236 W. 73rd Street
New York, NY 10023

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Our mailing address is:
Rutgers Presbyterian Church236 West 73rd Street
New York, NY 10023

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Update on Operation Protective Edge and Federation Response

No matter where you are politically about Israel. This update will surely make you cry.
Imagine if this was our life. Many of us have dear friends and family in Israel so this IS OUR LIFE!

Begin forwarded message:

From: “Desk of Jerry Silverman” <deskofjbs>
Date: July 9, 2014 at 11:32:30 AM EDT
To: <valeriegerstein>
Subject: Update on Operation Protective Edge and Federation Response
Reply-To: deskofjbs

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A Message from JFNA
The Jewish Federations of North America - The Strength of a People. The Power of Community.
Update on Operation Protective Edge and Federation Response

July 9, 2014

Dear Friends,

I have just arrived on the ground in Israel. The atmosphere here is what we have grown to expect. Israelis are resolute, focused and committed to both protecting those within the range of fire and keeping the activities of daily life going. But now that the vast majority of Israelis are within rocket range—just hours ago a rocket hit near Zichron Yaakov, 39 miles north of Tel Aviv, far from the cities of the South that have been plagued by attacks for more than a decade—the entire country is on edge.

Over the next several hours, we will be consulting with Federation leadership as to whether to activate a continental emergency mobilization including fundraising and solidarity missions. Stand by, we will report on that this afternoon. Already, our partner agencies are in high gear responding to the rapidly escalating situation.

In the meantime, here is a summary of events curated by our Israel team that reflects what is happening on the ground. We have included embedded links for additional information and videos.



  • Overnight, the IDF targeted approximately 160 terror sites throughout the Gaza Strip, including 118 rocket launching sites, 10 terror and smuggling tunnels, 6 Hamas official facilities, and 10 terror command positions.
  • In just under two days, since the start of Operation Protective Edge on July 7, the IDF has targeted approximately 440 targets.
  • One of the many challenges in facing Hamas terror is their use of human shields. Israel is calling Palestinian civilians in Gaza to warn them to evacuate minutes before they perform airstrikes. Five of the weapon manufacturing facilities the IAF has targeted overnight were concealed within mosques. See an extract of the delicate procedure the IAF takes in targeting terrorist sites.
  • The IDF Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, Major General Yoav Mordechai called on Hamas to immediately stop firing rockets into Israel.
  • “Calm will be answered with calm,” Mordechai said, stressing that escalation would only lead to more escalation and a harsh IDF response. He said Hamas had taken the decision to wreak havoc on the Gaza Strip during Ramadan as distraction from its own economic and social problems.



The Jewish Agency for Israel:

  • Currently has over 4500 young adults in Israel on short term immersion experiences, and an additional 3,000 on long term.
  • Security briefings have been provided for all tour operators and participants, and none are currently within 24 mi. of Gaza (an Onward group from Be’er Sheva was moved northward).
  • Programs operating between 24-49 miles north of Gaza must brief participants on how to act if sirens sound, and must remain within proximity of safe shelter.
  • Parents of all Onward participants (270 currently in Israel), have been contacted and other programs either have already sent or will be sending communications shortly.
  • Staff from a Jewish Agency subsidiary, Amigour, are performing damage assessment caused by rocket fire for the National Property Tax Authority.

American Jewish Joint Distribution Commitee (JDC):

  • Better Together, which serves children and youth has activated program managers in communities in the 24 mi.range. Activities for children have been suspended and large public gatherings are now prohibited in those areas. Currently the BT staff are putting together alternative activities that can be offered, with an emphasis on what can be done to keep the children occupied should there need to be extended stays in public shelters.

Israel Trauma Coalition:

  • There has been a 150% increase in those seeking help for shock and anxiety.
  • The overly demanding work of the previous weeks is already wearing down the professional staff who have been dealing with a spike in demands for help, related to the abduction of the three teenage boys. Over 100 therapeutic workshops have been set up to provide support to the population of the South, especially to parents and a show is being put on for children to educate them about safe responses to the situation.

Birthright Israel:

  • Currently there are 3,600 Birthright participants in Israel. BRI reviews all security measures and implements the most stringent security recommendations throughout the trip to ensure comprehensive safety. No effort or expense is spared as it relates to the security of participants.


  • We are collecting information on the impact of the situation on Federation partnership cities.
  • The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia,’s Israel representative, Talia Lidar, reports that Philadelphia’s partnership city, Netivot, which has been heavily impacted. Nothing communal is operating, the kids are at home with no activity, and the shopping centers are empty.
  • Arie Levy, Federation CJA Montreal, reports that “Beersheva is empty today with shops closed and all educational activities shut down. There are some children’s activities in shelters. There is no talk of evacuation; this is not a region that is easily evacuated. The authorities have implemented their emergency protocols for volunteers and staff. The Trauma Center is open in the Teacher’s Center.”


Jewish Federations Condemn Rocket Attacks from Gaza and Express Support for Israel

New York – As missiles continue to rain down on southern Israel from Gaza and with reports of sirens as far as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, the worldwide Jewish community expresses its unending support for Israelis living again under terror in their own midst. The Jewish Federations of North America condemns Hamas and other terrorists in Gaza in the strongest possible terms for these attacks, making it clear that the North American Jewish community stands with Israel during this difficult time.

“Jewish Federations unequivocally support the Government of Israel in its response to the indiscriminate attacks launched against its people. As long as Hamas and other terrorist organizations in Gaza continue to target innocent Israelis, Israel must be able to do whatever is necessary to protect her citizens. We commend President Barack Obama for his continuing support of Israel’s right to self-defense and we pray that calm will again be restored as quickly as possible.”


As a reminder, please encourage your leadership to participate in today’s special briefing sponsored by JFNA/JCPA with David Horovitz, editor of the Times of Israel, who will provide an up-to-the-minute update on the situation on the ground in Israel. Please use the following numbers: 1-800-399-0118. No conference ID is needed for guests calling in from the USA/Canada.

For more information:

JFNA’s Resource Page,7340,L-4540171,00.html


The Jewish Federations of North America
Wall Street Station
PO Box 157
New York, NY 10268

JFNA Annual Report

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Crumbs is closed for business. It all started on the UWS. So sad.

Thanks, Kimberly, for passing this along…

Crumbs Bake Shop Is Closing All Of Its Stores

The beleaguered Crumbs Bake Shop told workers that it would be closing all of its stores by the end of Monday, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Here’s a statement from a Crumbs spokeswoman posted by the Journal:

“Regrettably Crumbs has been forced to cease operations and is immediately attending to the dislocation of its devoted employees while it evaluates its limited remaining options.”

The store may consider filing for bankruptcy. Crumbs, once the world’s largest cupcake empire, has been crumbling in recent months. NASDAQ stopped trading the company’s stock on July 1 because Crumbs had failed to meet the minimum stockholders equity requirement of $2.5 million, The New York Times reported.

The company went public in 2011 but then quickly began losing money, Business Insider has previously reported.

In June, we reported that Crumbs’ shares had dropped to roughly 27 cents per share from a high of $14 the year it went public.

Crumbs was born on Manhattan’s Upper West Side in 2003, a few years after the HBO show “Sex and the City” inspired a cupcake craze in the Big Apple. The chain is known for its massive “Crumbs Signature Size cupcakes” that sell for as much as $4.50 each.

When Crumbs went public, it was a ubiquitous presence in Manhattan and had expanded to a few other major cities such as Philadelphia and D.C. It had a total of 35 stores in 2011 and had expanded to 70 locations by 2013.

Unfortunately for Crumbs, many other cupcake shops were opening just as it was trying to dominate the market. The news Monday that it’s shuttering all of its stores may be a sign that the cupcake bubble has officially burst.

Our executive editor Joe Weisenthal snapped this picture of a closed Crumbs near his apartment in the Financial District:



Joe Weisenthal



Additional reporting by Hayley Peterson.

Read more:

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The Mommy Nearest Summer of Love

The Mommy Nearest Summer of Love

Show Love, Get Rewarded! 

We always want to acknowledge the kid-friendly places that are near and dear to your heart! To show love to your favorite businesses on the Mommy Nearest app, simply tap the “Heart” icon on the top left corner of the place’s page.

Each time you favorite a place, you earn 1 entry to win a $500 gift card to one of the places that you’ve just favorited.

Don’t see one of your local favorites? Add it, tell us why it is a great place for kids and you’ll get 3 entries to win!

We’ll announce a new winner each week through Labor Day. 

To Recap

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545 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022

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All parents with daughters must watch this ad.


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Havurah: Hands-on Jewish Education at the JCC

Everyone I know loves Havurah. Early bird pricing ends today.


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Take Action to Support Women with Maternal Depression

I thought this was relevant to the parents who read this blog.

Begin forwarded message:

From: B’nai Jeshurun <bj>

Subject: Take Action to Support Women with Maternal Depression

Date: June 11, 2014 at 7:25:24 PM EDT

To: valeriegerstein

June 11, 2014 | 13 Sivan 5774
Dear BJ Community,

Your help is needed to pass the Maternal Depression Bill in New York State. This critical bill will help mothers who suffer from maternal depression get the help they need for themselves, their babies and their families. This issue is close to the hearts of many in our community as a beloved member, Cindy Wachenheim, tragically died last year as a result of this illness. Your action in support of this bill could help many women and their families.

The bill was passed by the Assembly and Senate last year but was not signed into law by Governor Cuomo. Changes were made to address the issues that were stumbling blocks. Now, the bill must come to a vote in the NY State Senate in the next two weeks before the legislature adjourns.

Please make phone calls to two key Senators to ask for a vote on the bill. And spread the word!

Advocacy Needed! Please make calls.

Call Senator Dean Skelos, Majority Coalition Leader, (518) 455-3171

Call Senator Tom Libous, Deputy Majority Coalition Leader, (518) 455-2677

What can I say when I call?

Message: Hello, my name is __________ and I’m calling to ask Senator Skelos/Libous to allow a vote on the Maternal Depression Bill (S7234-A). This critical bill will help mothers who suffer from maternal depression get the help they need for themselves, and their babies and families. Please tell the Senator to allow a vote on this important bill. Thank you.

Background: This bill would amend the public health law and the insurance law, in order to promote the provision of maternal depression education, implement guidelines that promote screening for depression, and encourage referrals for treatment.

Thank you for taking action!

Social Action/Social Justice

Panim el Panim: Community Organizing & Advocacy Initiative

Taking Action through Direct Service

Answering Calls to Action


Kol Jeshurun
Kol Hadash


Social Action/Social Justice Staff

Channa Camins, Director of Social Action/Social Justice

Larissa Wohl, Social Action Coordinator

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quick, fresh, fun afterschool June programs and day camps!

My kids regularly quote what they learned in this class!


essential workshop series!
2-day signature workshop, 2 hours instruction per day.

ages 4-7 and 8-12, $200 per child.

*runs weekends and weekdays this summer

Thurs & Fri, 6/26 and 6/27 from 2-4pm
Mon & Tues, 6/30 and 7/1 from 10-12pm

Thurs & Fri, 6/26 and 6/27 from 2-4pm

Dates & details for kidz and tweenz (Greenwich & NYC).

mini- day camp!

4-day workshop series, 3 1/2 hours instruction per day.
ages 4-7 and 8-12, $450 per child.

Our entire fresh, fun, unfiltered clubsocialsklz program in one week, covering everything from first impressions, to friendships, to table manners!

Dates & details for Greenwich & NYC available here.

prep for camp!
imagen.img?codigo=1621-day workshop, 2 hours instruction.
ages 4-7 and 8-12, $75 per child.
Heading to summer camp can elicit all sorts of feelings; a new place with new people, experiences, and activities can cause anxiety for kids and parents alike. It’s essential to prepare your child, whether it’s for a day camp or a sleep-away camp.
Dates & details for NYC available here.
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in the media
Most recently, our socialsklz:-) essentialteenz workshop was profiled in Riverdale’s Hamlet Hub!
special programs! (NYC)
dining intensive workshop
create your own workshop!
One of our most popular options is to create a group workshop specifically tailored to the needs of a group or individual child. Choose 1-2 topics from our website, figure out a date and time, and we either come to you, or you come to us!

*for more information, email

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Touch a Truck

This is so fun every year!


10:00 am – 4:00 pm
West Side YMCA (5 West 63rd Street) 

Free admission; fees for food and some activities. 

Kids can climb on big trucks, honk horns, jump in a bounce castle, dance to live music, try some crafts or games, and nosh on snacks and cupcakes at this loud annual fundraiser for the West Side Y.

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