Beware of man offering candy to kids on the UWS…

This email is being widely circulated around the neighborhood.  Many friend suggested that I share this here in case you have younger children or have not had this email forwarded to you.  We all need to be on alert when we are at the playground or out and about – whether in school or not.  It would also be wise to talk with anyone who is caring for our children so we are consistent with how we handle these situations or how much we tell our kids to prepare for such contact with a stranger.  Let’s keep our kids safe.

If anyone knows what the school suggests we do if we encounter this man again, please post here… aside from calling 911!

From: Federici Suzan (03M087) <>
Date: Tue, Jun 23, 2015 at 9:43 AM
Subject: Incident 6/23/15
To: Federici Suzan (03M087) <>, Rodriguez Jacqueline (03M087) <>
Cc: Berry Monica (03M087) <>, Kissane Barbara (03M087) <>, Marner Margaret <>

Dear Parents,

It has been reported to us that a man in a black suv was in front of our school this morning.  He got out of his car and approached two children telling them he had candy and asking if they wanted to come into this car.  The children did not respond to the man.

This incident was reported to me and in turn I reported it to school safety.  The police responded and they are now aware of what happened.  There will be an increased police presence the last few days of school.

The teachers are aware of the incident and will be reminding their children about safety and strangers.

I ask that you be diligent when you are walking the neighborhood with your children.

Thank you,


Suzan M. Federici

Assistant Principal

PS 87

160 West 78th Street

New York City, NY, 10024

P-212 678 2826

F-212 678 5886


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