students needed for free 2-hour workshop! :-)

If you have considered trying out the socialsklz class, now is a great chance, for free… and with the founder!


calling all kids!
54.jpg On Sunday 10/26, we are hosting a FUN, FREE socialsklz:-) workshop from 11-1pm taught by founder, Faye de Muyshondt. Participants in our Oct ’14 instructor certification training will be observing the program, which will cover topics such as first impressions and dining. If you are interested in having your 5-12 year old participate, please email monique.
Space is limited and we will accept 4-6 children on a first come first serve basis.
election day!
Tues, Nov. 4, 9am-1pm

This new full-day workshop features 4 hours of dining instruction– everything from dining behavior to utensil management, culminating in a formal dinner (lunch) party! With all new FUN programming, this workshop is perfect for both new and returning students. From proper host-guest interactions, to making conversation with anyone, to eating tricky foods, this workshop covers it all.
This course culminates in a 3 course meal (with kid friendly food!) where children will put to use what they have learned.

details available here

veteran’s day!
Tues, Nov. 11, 10am- 3pm

Full-day program featuring communicationsklz:-) for ages 4-7 and 8-12, lunch, and a dining intensive workshop!

details available here

bring socialsklz:-) to your community!
During this 3-day intimate workshop, trainees (parents, teachers, after-school coordinators, and etiquette instructors) will learn how to teach the nationally acclaimed socialsklz:-)program with founder, author, and Today Show contributor, Faye de Muyshondt. socialsklz:-) has been dubbed, "not your mother’s manners classes," by Mommy Poppins.

Trainees will be certified to teach essentialkidz, tweenz, and teenz in their own communities at the end of the training!

details and dates available here

special programs! (NYC)
dining intensive workshop
create your own workshop!
One of our most popular options is to create a group workshop specifically tailored to the needs of a group or individual child. Choose 1-2 topics from our website, figure out a date and time, and we either come to you, or you come to us!

*for more information, email

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