You have been crowned The Biggest Nightlights fans

From: Joanie Leeds <joanieleeds>
Date: Mon, Aug 11, 2014 at 8:59 PM
Subject: You have been crowned The Biggest Nightlights fans

Dear special select friends and family,

When I think of our BIGGEST FANS and supporters, the ones that send me videos of their kids rocking out to our tunes, wearing our shirts, sending me nice emails and tagging on FB or big KPL fans…there is a handful of you who come to mind… So I’m asking you 20 fine folks for a bit of help which will take 2 seconds of your time.

I just found out that Sirius/XM Channel 78 Kids Place Live debuted 3 of our songs yesterday! I have been waiting with baited breath wondering if they ever would play any tunes from ‘Good Egg’ and finally, they did! I believe they are in the middle of a "trial" period where they test out certain songs and then if they go over well, they will play them a lot more. They don’t play my stuff often so this is a big deal for me!
Getting played on this station is a huge goal for a few reasons:
1) National exposure of course…and 2) This is one of the only stations in the country where you actually get paid fairly for radio play.

Request ‘Good Egg’ tunes to Sirius/XM Kids Place Live!!!

Having your songs in constant rotation and becoming #1 is achieved only by having fans constantly call in, emailing or putting messages on KPL’s Facebook page & requesting your favorite tunes. They just started spinning the following tunes: Kids Place, The World is Your Oyster or My Dadso please request request request! Remember, this is a kids station so if you don’t have kids, it needs to be dedicated to a kid listener or else it’s just weird, especially if you are my family. Pick a kid, any kid! 🙂 It’s the best when it actually IS the child’s favorite tune.

Over the next week, please request as often as you’d like, the more often, the better, in one of these 3 ways:

1-– Call in 1-866-328-2345 & ask to hear Joanie’s Kids Place, The World is Your Oyster or My Dad (or your child’s favorite Joanie tune not mentioned). You might get on the air! Depending on the time of day, you could reach hosts, Mindy Thomas, Jack Forman or Kenny Curtis. They are hilarious and awesome.

2– Email kidsplacelive and dedicate one of these songs to a kid of your choosing. Just say how much you love Joanie Leeds & The Nightlights and how you hope to hear ________________. Make sure to say hi to the hosts, Mindy Thomas, Jack Forman and Kenny Curtis.

3-– Send a Kids Place Live a Facebook message to request your favorite!

Super easy… super THANKS!
If you know any super duper Nightight fans I left off this list, please feel free to spread the word to your friends.

Joanie Leeds

Joanie Leeds is a NAPPA Gold Winner, Gold Parents´Choice Award Winner, USA Songwriting Competition 1st Place Winner and an Independent Music Award Winner, John Lennon Songwriting Contest Finalist, Nickelodeon’s Parent’s Pick Winner with music featured in People Magazine, Parents Magazine, NY Times, NY Post, Washington Post and #1 Song on Sirius/XM’s Kids Place Live and WXPN’s Kids Corner
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