Sesame’s Take on Teshuvah on Yom Kippur

Sesame’s Take on Teshuvah on Yom Kippur.

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VIDEO: Sesame’s Take on Teshuvah for Yom Kippur

Sesame's Take on Teshuvah for Yom KippurTHE TIME BETWEEN ROSH HASHANAH and Yom Kippur is called the Ten Days of Repentance. These days provide a time to reflect on the past year and think about self-improvement for the coming year. Reflection can take form in many different ways, but one unifying theme we think about during this time isteshuvah, or remorse.

It can be hard to teach children to reach deeper and feel real remorse beyond the words “I’m Sorry.” Shalom Sesame and Sesame Street do a great job in getting these sorts of conversations started. The videos below will help your young ones learn about the importance of this time of year and its values.

Be sure to also check out PJ Library’s High Holiday-related books, and spend some valuable time reading together as a family this season.

In this Shalom Sesame video, Ann Curry introduces us to the word apology and gives an example.

In this Shalom Sesame video, two young boys apologize to their mother for breaking something by mistake.

Bert and Ernie ‘Blow a Fuse,’ both literally and figuratively and then work at apologizing to one another in this classic Sesame Street video.


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