A coffee table book of your child’s art!


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imageI can think of many moments in our children’s lives where we want to capture their giggle, expression, voices and precious baby moments.  When they begin to create art, we want to bottle that up too.  Then – there comes so much art.  The apartment becomes full of their expressions.  Since my girls were young, I’ve been taking photos of their art, hanging some in our home and recycling the rest.  When my friend from swim class told me what her business is… I had to wait until I had enough “quality art” then I joined her in the journey of capturing this stage of my daughters’ sweetness…

I am showing you (above) the beautiful cover, back page and flaps that Susan helped to curate.  Susan came to our home where I had piles of art waiting for her. She helped me sort through and create themes.  She made this process very easy.  I even gave her 3D art.  She then took it to her studio, professionally photographed each piece, including a life-sized body tracing of my then 5 -year-old and assembled a gorgeous book.  We – yes my little artists had big ideas of color schemes and layout – looked at digital proofs of the book.  After sending in a photo of the girls together and a bio for each, the book was ready to be printed.

I do keep this out on our coffee table and all of my family and friends are delighted to see that “I actually did this!” Making a memory book of your child’s art is something that you might say you would like to do.. Susan made it very easy for me.  Please contact her and let her know you are my friend, or friend of a friend…. She is known Natioanlly for her work. We are so lucky that her studio is on 72nd Street.  You’ll love the finished product and so will your kids.  My girls have a great sense of pride when they see that I loved their art enough to make a book out of these “masterpieces”!

Enjoy Souvenarte Books.

Here is Susan’s info:

Susan Berman

Tel: 917-740-2789




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A former online media professional, I am home, on the Upper West Side, with my 2 gorgeous girls, Mia and Liza and their wonderful Daddy, Mark.
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