Photographing family during Thanksgiving!

There she is! That’s Ashley, the head photographer at Classic Kids Photography with a big, genuine smile on her face and capturing smiles on our family’s faces!

My hope was to photograph my kids with Mark’s parents when they were in town.  I had been lucky enough to have my Mom photographed with me and Mia when she was a baby and I cherish those photos so much especially since there will never be another photo shoot with my Mom and never with Liza.  So I decided to book this shoot while the grandparents were in town for Thanksgiving.

From the moment we walked in and Ashley bent down to their level and made silly faces and sounds with her mouth to earn their trust as a silly friend for the day (or longer??!!) to how she showed them what “FILM” is in a non-digital camera – WOW! – she had their complete attention and we all had so much fun!

I felt like we were in Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. Only this is OUR neighborhood, on the Upper West Side.  Ashley taught my girls about a different way to take photos.  She and her hilarious assistant, Lis made new friends that day.  Just like we stop to say hi to Scout and wave to Stephanie next door at Stoopher and Boots, I think my kids will now want to stop in and giggle with Ashley and Lis.  I felt I had to write about our great experience even before I see the proofs.  I’m sure they captured “the shot” since the smiles were so radiant and heart-felt that day.  We were happy to be together and to be so relaxed in a setting that could be a bit stressful.

The final product will be black and white photographer, I’m sure you’ve seen their beautiful windows full of gorgeous children!  I am so excited to see the proofs!  If you or anyone you know has already been there, I’d love to see the photos.  I really think this is art!


About valeriegerstein

A former online media professional, I am home, on the Upper West Side, with my 2 gorgeous girls, Mia and Liza and their wonderful Daddy, Mark.
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