Biggest Circus Tip: go an HOUR early!

The circus is in town through Jan. 13th. I highly recommend it.  We are so lucky to live on the Upper West Side! People from all over flocked to our neighborhood last week to watch the balloon inflation, the parade and they keep coming to see the Big Apple Circus!  We did it all this weekend too!  I had to share this with you as I feel as though every other person is talking about going to see the circus.  Our kids loved it.  In fact, about 2 acts into the circus, Mia put her arm around me and said “Mommy, thank you for bringing me to this circus!”.  It was such a little statement but with her eyes wide and her smile across her face, I knew it was coming from such a happy and delighted place that she just couldn’t keep the thought inside.

But the show didn’t start with the performers and the acts.   There was the pre-show activities just like in the original days of the circus when the entire town would come out to enjoy the show!

It started when we got there an hour early

where we were able to stick our

heads in the cute character cutout and see a painted

cow with a huge clown’s nose.And of course choose all the cotton candy and popcorn we could eat.

We also watched a video about how the circus is a non-profit organization.  They have programs for seniors and sick children and an after-school program teaching circus skills to at-risk youth.  The kids watched how blind children were able to experience the circus through a sensory headset.  The videos they were showing made me feel good about being there, to know that they make people smile in and out of the Big Top! They also said that the dogs which were in an act had been rescued.  That was nice to hear especially since a few people I spoke with said they tend to not like going to the circus because of the inhumanity that they had perceived towards the animals.

I know there are different circus companies and I think the Big Apple Circus is the perfect circus to be in our neighborhood – they offer us a great show and family day activity while helping us teach our children about helping others.  Through the ticket sales, they get to be “mitzvah clowns” as we said while watching the pre-show video.

I took this screen shot of their website since I think it’s worth looking at. They really go beyond just the show!
















We did see people with a young child leave not long after intermission so think about how old your kid is and what they can handle before going.  It’s about a 2 hour show, plus, if you take my advice and go early, it’s a whole afternoon.


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A former online media professional, I am home, on the Upper West Side, with my 2 gorgeous girls, Mia and Liza and their wonderful Daddy, Mark.
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