What can we do??? What can we say???

Updated Friday morning: I understand that the JCC and PS 87 are coordinating efforts to support the family. I’ll write more when I know more.

We live where this tragedy just happened tonight – the stabbing of 2 children that our kids probably know.  We have not yet learned who the family is that is living this unimaginable nightmare.  I really don’t even know how to help.  Once we know how, please, let’s use this forum to support our neighbors. Let’s cook meals, let’s support them, let’s help them.  We can help each other by always keeping an eye on each other’s children and the people around them.

I really don’t know what to write but I felt compelled to put something here about this event and hope you will be in touch if you or your friends know how I can help.


We now know that the family’s older daughter went to PS 87 in the dual-language Spanish program.  The press wrote about that.  But I also got an email from a dear friend whose child is in the class – she is the class parents.  The friends of the family are hoping that people will be discreet in their conversation when walking on the streets, when talking on their phones and especially in playgrounds as children who know this family will surely be all around.   Some children will be told X,Y,Z and the parents wish to not have graphic or incorrect information within earshot of their children.

I read this and thought it resonated for our neighborhood:

I’m sure more details will be revealed in coming hours and days, but none of them will change the horrific nature of the case, which is sure to send shock waves through the country as it brings to the surface the fears every parent has when leaving their children with anyone but family. It’s truly everyone’s worst nightmare, which is now this poor family’s reality.

WE can do all the background checks in the world, and we know that most caregivers are amazing and loving, but it’s the random, horrific incidents like this that stay in our heads as we walk out the door and leave our children. We wonder how  much we can really trust them, how well we really know them, and we hope for the best … just the same way I bet this mother did.



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