Curtains Up Playhouse: New Children’s Musical Theater Company at Rutgers!

We saw a show at TADA! downtown a few weeks ago that blew the audience away. It was amazing to see how talented such young performers could be. Would we ever consider taking classes there? Well, it certainly wasn’t convenient. But look, Rutgers is starting a new children’s theatre company right on the UWS. It’s worth trying. I can imagine many of your kids loving it. I’m thinking of a few of your “the City is my stage” kids right now!!! Let me know if you decide to do it. I wonder how it is…

Hello all,

We hope you and your children are having a great summer.

We’re pleased to announce the Rutgers Community Programs brand new children’s theater company, Curtains Up Playhouse! This new theater company, designed for young thespians ages 5-10 years, begins on Wednesday, September 12 at 4pm, and will immerse your child in all aspects of musical theater: acting, singing, dancing, and set design. Curtains Up Playhouse focuses on teamwork as well as developing each child’s individual voice as a performing artist.  Ms. Somer, Ms. Monika, and, Mr. Jonathan will lead our troupe, and with their years of experience teaching, writing, directing, and composing theatrical productions for children, will create a nurturing environment where your little star can shine.

Company members will begin the year on September 12 with Theater ABCs, exploring musical theater though fun games, music, improv and more, and the first semester will end with our Winter Cabaret singing performance on December 19. On January 9, we will begin casting and rehearsing for our spring production of “Cinderella,” which debuts on our stage on May 22!

We hope your child will join the Curtains Up Playhouse. Performers of all levels are welcome. Please contact me if you need more information or would like to register, and see the attached flyer that you can pass along to friends.

Thanks, and see you in September!

Jennifer Moore

Administrative Assistant

Rutgers Presbyterian Church Community Programs

236 W. 73rd Street

New York, NY 10023

212-877-8227, x212

Rutgers Curtains Up Playhouse Flyer.pdf


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