BJ Synagogue children’s service and lunch this Sat.

If you’ve been synagogue hopping please join us at B’nai Jeshurun this Sat., March 24th, for an engaging children’s Shabbat service and a special, monthly kiddush luncheon dedicated to young families. Services begin at 10:45 with lunch around noon.

I’d love to celebrate Shabbat with your family with music, movement and dancing with the Torah. I’m on a committee at the synagogue to create this communal, warm and welcoming program so I really hope you’ll try it this month! We welcome non-members and hope that if you are already BJ members that you’ll put this on your calendar for this weekend.

B’nai Jeshurun Saturday morning services are held at the Church of Saint Paul & Saint Andrew. Enter on 86th street between Broadway & West End on the North East corner.

As you’ll see in BJ’s email below, we are sponsoring the kiddush in memory of my Mom, Louisa Levin, and in honor of Liza’s 3rd birthday. Please also note the schedule for Passover services and since many of our kids will be off from school, it’s the perfect way to spend the morning. The songs and stories will help color their Passover memories for a lifetime!

Enjoy the beautiful day and please tell your friends about this on the playground and wherever else you are right now!

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March 20, 2012 | 26 Adar, 5772
Please note there will be NO Tot Shabbat this April because of Pesach. The next Tot Shabbat will be on May 4. Register now!

Children’s Kiddush
Saturday, March 24 | Following Children’s Services | 86th Street Chapel
Families with young children are invited to join us after Children’s Services for a special kiddush with kid-friendly food and atmosphere. This kiddush was co-sponsored by Valerie and Mark Gerstein in honor of Liza turning 3, and in memory of Valerie’s mother Louisa Levin, and by James Stulman and Stacy Bolton in memory of Neil Mosesson. To sponsor a future kiddush, contact Guy Felixbrodt at x255.

Pesach Children’s Services Schedule

First Day of Pesach
Saturday, April 7 | 10:45AM | SPSA

Second Day of Pesach
Sunday, April 8 | 10:45AM | Frankel Hall

Seventh Day of Pesach
Friday, April 13 | 10:45AM | Frankel Hall

Eighth Day of Pesach
Saturday, April 14 | 10:45AM | SPSA

Member to Member Second Night Seders

Here’s a perfect chance for BJ members to not just meet, but to get to know, other BJ members. Share the story of the exodus, your hagaddah, your holiday dishes, your wine and your BJ spirit with other members at a second seder on Saturday, April 7.

BE A HOST: Are you willing to host one or more guests at your second night seder? Please write to Amanda Schanfield by Monday, March 26.
BE A GUEST: Are you looking for a seder to attend on the second night of Pesah? Please fill out this form by Monday, March 26.

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A former online media professional, I am home, on the Upper West Side, with my 2 gorgeous girls, Mia and Liza and their wonderful Daddy, Mark.
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