Serafina is now open on the UWS!

Serafina Promotion

We went to the pre-opening celebration for Serafina on Monday (JCC members only, thanks for playing nicely with the locals, Serafina!) and every bit of food was delicious. My husband especially loved the truffle pizza!

Serafina officially opened Wednesday night on Broadway & 77th street and I already heard about a few people who were planning to go.  They will open soon for breakfast, which I know will be a huge hit for those of us looking for a place to get together with or without our kids.  The owner told me that they have 20 HIGHCHAIRS in the restaurant and given he has 2 kids of his own, he understands what we as parents need and expect from a neighborhood restaurant.

Here’s an example of how I know they will succeed in our neighborhood:

My daughter got a paper cut on the paper covering the tables.  (it could happen anywhere, no big deal. I’m glad it’s there for future coloring moments).  She asked the manager if he had a bandaid and he said sure.  After 5 minutes, Mia asked again and someone on his team handed him a box of bandages and some change since he ran out to buy them at the new Duane Reade a block away! Now that’s taking care of your customer!

Dare I tell you about the seats my kids and their friends found which overlook the oven where the pizza comes out?  I know that will be our seat every time.  It’s entertainment and good food.

And the sushi at Geisha… so unique and delicious. Instead of a sushi roll, they had delicious tuna stacked on a triangle of sesame seed covered rice.  And wait till you see the playground-type seating.  Probably not the theme they were going for but my kids loved, whirling the seats in and out from under the table to climb up on.

And… the staff was all smiles, every single person there.  If they keep up the friendly atmosphere, I know our kids will grow up eating their pizza, pasta, and delicious dessert. It’s so wonderful to have Serafina in the neighborhood!

About valeriegerstein

A former online media professional, I am home, on the Upper West Side, with my 2 gorgeous girls, Mia and Liza and their wonderful Daddy, Mark.
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