Finally, something moving in where Time Out used to be on Amsterdam

My husband reads this blog often and lets me know when he sees interesting local news.  If you like to know the opening and closing of shops and restaurants, they do an amazing job of keeping up with the latest 0 better than I do, certainly!

Check it out:


Posted on February 13, 2012 at 5:07 pm by Avi

After a few months with just a handful of liquor license applications for new bars and restaurants, there are now quite a few people looking to open new establishments on the Upper West Side. We plan to take a closer look at plans for some of these spots in the weeks ahead, but here are just a few things we’ve learned:

The old Time Out sports bar on Amsterdam Avenue between 76th Street and 77th Street has sat empty for years and has become a bit of an eyesore. But now a fancy restaurant is on its way, according to a liquor license application. The unnamed spot will serve all sorts of fish that you cannot get in a can, including John Dory with roasted fig, and Bronzino. For land-lovers, there’s an Angus beef burger and french fries cooked in goose fat. The place will be run by a company called BT Restaurant Enterprises.

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