Pregnant, and Pushed Out of a Job

Interesting article and an important organization. Thanks, Ariel, for bringing this to my attention via Facebook. Feel free to post things like this directly on the blog in the future. It’s important for us to read.

This vital Op-Ed written by my dear friend Dina Leshetz Bakst., President and Founder of A Better Balance, will appear in tomorrow’s New York Times. Dina has written an eloquent and convincing piece in support of a pregnant woman’s right to reasonable workplace accommodations and the bill before the New York Legislature to protect this right. Very proud of the work that ABB is doing to fight for the rights of working families!

Thanks to a gap between discrimination laws and disability laws, it’s possible for a pregnant woman to be forced from her job.




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A former online media professional, I am home, on the Upper West Side, with my 2 gorgeous girls, Mia and Liza and their wonderful Daddy, Mark.
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One Response to Pregnant, and Pushed Out of a Job

  1. Carol Sherman says:

    I know what the “accomodation” will be and so do all of you. A man will be asked to do her work for her. Where my husband works women pretend to be engineers. He does their work for them because they bully his superior into making sure he does. The women just stand at his desk and say “how do you size a gear?” expecting him to teach them or do it for them when they are paid as much as he is except that HE HAS A FAMILY TO SUPPORT and they are married to a working male.

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