A Show and babysitting all together? Playtime!

Sign me up for any show for which Playwrites Horizons offers Playtime!

My husband and I loved the experience, the kids LOVED it and I know this will revolutionize theatre for NYC and any City that chooses to give it a try!  From the minute we arrived, we felt like having kids with us at a show was a pleasure, no shushing here!

We were escorted to the 4th floor where a table was set up with brown, eco- totes printed with “Sitters Studio” on them and each of our daughters had name tags waiting for them. They were also given wristbands and we were given a coat check – type receipt that was returned upon pick up.   The young, friendly sitters made us and the girls feel at home right away.  We were then ushered right down to our seats and we were advised not to go to see the kids during intermission.  Got it.  What a great idea.  Even though our kids were in the same building as us, we were able to go enjoy a snack and chat with our friends who also went to the show.

I had to weigh the instinct to elbow past the older crowd as they were leaving the show to rush to my kids who had been with the sitters for over 2 hours or let them slow us down and give us time to reflect on the thought provoking show, Maple & Vine that we just saw.  There is 1 elevator so we opted to take the stairs.

When we reached the kids, they were all so happy, so excited to show us their art projects and tell us about their mini-drama class. They acted like sculptures in different museums.  So cute.

Now here’s the amazing part… Sitters Studio had filled out a 2-sided report in a pre-printed review of the time they were with our kids.  It included what they ate and when, which art skills they worked on etc.

I HIGHLY recommend going to see theatre this way.

AND>>> we loved the show. The plot about is City living better or living in the 1950s better really left us with much to chat about. Enjoy!

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while YOU watch a great Off-Broadway show

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A former online media professional, I am home, on the Upper West Side, with my 2 gorgeous girls, Mia and Liza and their wonderful Daddy, Mark.
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