Serafina is opening on 77th & Broadway!

How wonderful to have Serafina’s tiramisu right in the neighborhood. When I worked at Estee Lauder, we all used to go to the one off Madison!

Posted on My Upper West Blog: Thursday, September 1st, 2011


It looks like the long-vacant former West Branch space at 2178 Broadway (corner of 77th) may have finally found a new tenant.

MUW readers Erica, Robert, Tamara, and Sara all wrote in to say they spotted a liquor license application for Serafina taped to the window (thanks to Sara for the photo, and h/t to @HappyEinat).

Serafina will go before Community Board 7’s Business & Consumer Issues Committee on September 14th, but I can’t imagine they’d be denied a license. They’re an established business within New York City with five other locations (plus more outside NYC) and having 5,000+ square feet of empty space on a prime Broadway corner is not good for the neighborhood.

I’ve been to a couple of their other locations a bunch of times (had a family member how loved going), and assuming they open on the Upper West Side, I think they’ll do quite well. They serve solid Italian food and pretty decent wood-fired, stone-oven pizzas. The food is by no means spectacular, but it’s good enough and the restaurant has a very successful formula.

Zagat writes of them: “These ‘casual Italians’ are ‘crowd-pleasers’ – hence ‘there’s always a crowd’.” I think that’s pretty accurate.


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