If You Can Make It Here

I love this newsletter too. One worth signing up for. I learned about some new places from this list and certainly nodded my head about others!

If You Can Make It Here . . . .

100 reasons to raise kids in NYC

In honor of the 100th issue of StrollerTraffic’s NYC edition (today!), here are the top 100 reasons we love raising kids in the City.

1. Real dinosaurs. (Well, real dinosaur bones anyway.)

2. Safe tap water.

3. Mommy-and-me yoga.

4. Restaurant etiquette mastery by age 4.

5. Ice skating by the world’s biggest Christmas tree.

6. Summer camps for 3-year-olds.

7. Seeing favorite TV show characters on stage at MSG.

8. Story time at neighborhood bookstores.

9. Penguins swimming at eye-level, at the Central Park Zoo.

10. Sports camps run by pro athletes.

11. Seriously good cupcakes—in every part of town.

12. The Empire State Building. At night.

13. Croissants at Balthazar on Saturday mornings.

14. 24 hour pharmacies.

15. Takeout.

16. Bowlmor Lanes.

17. Cookies at Momofuku Milk Bar.

18. Beekeeping at the New York Botanical Garden.

19. The reading dog at Mulberry Street Library.

20. Chinatown doughnuts.

21. Playgrounds designed by famous architects.

22. Oreo milkshakes at Big Daddy’s Diner.

23. Staten Island Ferry rides.

24. Scavenger hunts at the High Line.

25. Kidville. Apple seeds. PLAY. Citibabes. Moomah.

26. Baby planners.

27. Mom-and-daughter manicures.

28. Broadway Babies.

29. Fluffernutter sandwiches at Peanut Butter & Co.

30. Pizza. Really good pizza.

31. 20,000 options for date night (and that’s just if you want dinner).

32. Scribble Press and Make Meaning.

33. Hot dogs at Coney Island.

34. Boat rides in Central Park.

35. The Village Halloween Parade.

36. The non-issue of teenage drunk driving.

37. Bagels for dinner.

38. Egg creams at Eisenberg’s.

39. Playground sprinklers.

40. Birthday parties at FAO Schwarz.

41. Dylan’s Candy Bar.

42. Real trains. Underground, no less.

43. Street fairs.

44. The Rockettes.

45. Non-stop flights to anywhere.

46. Nannies that embrace iPhones and Blackberrys.

47. Daily inspiration.

48. Scootering to school.

49. Birthday cakes foam Make My Cake.

50. The LEGO store.

51. Fresh Direct and Peapod.

52. Kids’ art classes at the Met.

53. Casting opportunities.

54. Stroller jogs in Central Park.

55. The Nutcracker.

56. Same-day delivery from diapers.com.

57. Buying baby clothes at sample sales.

58. Growing up in a place to which everyone always returns.

59. Mandarin classes for kids. Lots of them.

60. Ballet Academy East.

61. Multi-culti friendships.

62. Subway Series games.

63. Talented birthday party photographers.

64. Little Maestros.

65. Tea at the Plaza.

66. Broadway matinees.

67. The best pediatricians in the country.

68. Prenatal masseuses that come to your home.

69. Din Dins.

70. Always having some friends with more money, and some with less.

71. Shake Shack.

72. Being on the swing next to Hugh Jackman’s kids.

73. Snow ploughs, street cleaners, and garbage trucks.

74. Support Groups for anything that ails you.

75. Complimentary fairy dust at Alice’s Tea Cup.

76. American Girl Place.

77. The Greenmarkets.

78. Baby Buggy.

79. Big Apple Circus.

80. New York Doll Hospital.

81. Holiday window displays.

82. Annie revival 2012.

83. The Scholastic Store, featuring Clifford.

84. Shakespeare in the Park.

85. Brilliant family photo backdrops.

86. Hosting baby showers in Five-Star hotels.

87. Down-the-hall play dates (no shoes required).

88. Doormen as playmates.

89. Trick-or-treating without a coat.

90. Flavored medication from Cherry’s pharmacy.

91. The toy section at the MoMA store.

92. The Statue of Liberty.

93. Career-shaping internships.

94. Curbside pickup at Pinkberry.

95. Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.

96. Poaching babysitters from NYU and Columbia.

97. People watching.

98. Burning post-natal calories at Soul Cycle and Flywheel.

99. Daily fire engine sightings.

100. Knowing they’ll never be bored—and neither will you.

–photo by JellyBean pictures



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A former online media professional, I am home, on the Upper West Side, with my 2 gorgeous girls, Mia and Liza and their wonderful Daddy, Mark.
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