New Website for NYC families that like to eat out with kids!

What a great concept!

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Date: Sun, Oct 24, 2010 at 8:52 PM
Subject: New Website for NYC families that like to eat out with kids!

Are you a mommy/daddy that likes to eat out with your kids but never know WHAT to expect when branching out from your old reliablies???
I am so excited to tell you about my new website that will take the guesswork out of your dining out adventures.
Not only do we post the children’s menus for 203 restuarants in Manhattan, but we also review many of them on how kid friendly they are – from 1-4 crayons.
In addition, we also have some great articles – this week we have a great Halloween recipe for Chocolate Cupcakes by cookbook author Alicia Kachmar.
We also feature EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS EVERY week (new one posted on Fridays) in the Goodie Bag – this week we are featuring an amazing Spa product line – Khushi Spa!
Check us out today –
Happy Munching!
Carla Sullivan
Mommy Muncher


Minimunchers - The Ultimate Resource for Children's Menus in NYC
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What's in your Goodie Bag?

Expert MuncherJodi Greebel, MS, RD

Top Things to Do to Have a Less Picky Eater

1. Offer familiar foods with unfamiliar foods. Children are wary of new foods and seeing a lot of unfamiliar foods at once can be intimidating. Offer your child a few foods you know he/she likes with one unfamiliar food.

2. Let your toddler be involved in cooking. Children are much more likely to eat something if they help make it. Just make sure to choose age appropriate tasks like washing carrots, scrubbing a potato or helping toss a salad with dressing.

3. Model good eating habits.
If your child sees you eating candy bars, don’t expect him/her to ask for an apple. Set a good example by snacking on healthy foods like cucumbers and hummus.

4. Don’t give up!
It can take children 15 – 20 times to try and like a new food, so don’t give up after 1 or 2 times. Be persistent. It will pay off.

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A former online media professional, I am home, on the Upper West Side, with my 2 gorgeous girls, Mia and Liza and their wonderful Daddy, Mark.
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