“You Plus 2”

How wonderful that she has this all figured out!  Read till the end, she’s offering free 1 hour consulting until Nov. 3rd. for those of us who can use some tips!  Let’s support Rachel, and her supportive friend, Ayala!

From: Ayala Usdin <ayalausdin@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, Oct 22, 2010 at 2:57 PM
Subject: Hi Valerie
To: valeriegerstein@gmail.com

One of my close mommy friends, Rachel Cedar, is launching a new business – a consulting firm for parents of 2.  See details below.  Rachel is an amazing, warm, intelligent and insightful person whom I feel could really be of help to overwhelmed moms who may need a little guidance as they cope with their expanded family.  Feel free to pass this along to your huge network of friends.  Thanks again.

From Rachel’s website:
The addition of a new baby–while certainly a gift–can considerably “rock the boat” in your home and disrupt the happy norm that you had established with your first child. Many new moms of two often ask themselves:
How will I find quality time alone with each of my children and my partner? Is “alone time” for myself a thing of the past?
Is it possible to get out of the house alone with both kids?…What about traveling alone with two?
What am I supposed to do with my older child while having to sit and feed a newborn around-the-clock? How will I manage the dinner/bath/bedtime routine when two little ones demand my undivided attention?
I’m going back to work or need to find a time to work from home. How can I best maximize childcare to cover all my bases?
It’s a huge adjustment, physically, mentally and emotionally and many second time moms are in need of additional guidance and support to get life back on track.
You Plus 2 offers private one-on-one consulting sessions where we will look at your daily needs, work together to plan a realistic schedule, and discuss tips and strategies to help you feel more organized, regain control of your life and restore a sense of normalcy in your home.
Sound interesting?  Please visit our website to learn more:  http://www.youplustwoparenting.com/
Also note that I will be offer free one-hour consultations until November 3rd, so contact me soon to set up an appointment.
Rachel A Cedar, MSW
You Plus 2 Parenting


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A former online media professional, I am home, on the Upper West Side, with my 2 gorgeous girls, Mia and Liza and their wonderful Daddy, Mark.
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