New Website for Jewish families and everyone who knows one!

Kveller is a website that I helped to fund through my volunteer work with UJA (United Jewish Appeal of New York) and the Beginning Jewish Families Task Force. Families who are Jewish and families who know Jews will find it fascinating and relevant! This just launched this weekend after receiving much press and media coverage! You can sign up for their emails here. In looking at the content tonight, I was impressed with the diversity and relevancy. An edited baby name finder, they showed how artistic Judaica can be (Mezuzahs, seder plates etc.), decorating a Jewish Nursery; "Just add chotchkies",

a Jewish perspective on breastfeeding:


Jewish tradition views breastfeeding as both a burden and a blessing

and a funny interview:

Five Minutes with Rob Kutner

The writer for The Daily Show discusses the price you pay for a Jewish education and why Stephen Colbert would make a great Jewish dad"

Here’s what their website says: "There is no one way to parent Jewishly, and we are not about to change that. Whether you grew up observing Shabbat every Friday night, or had your first taste of matzo ball soup when you married into a Jewish family, the ways you can incorporate Judaism and Jewish culture into your parenting style are diverse. Kveller is here to give you ideas for your children’s early years–ideas for first-time parents, interfaith parents, queer parents, adoptive parents, and everything in between–with the hopes that you can find information and inspiration that is right for your family.

Kveller also wants you to know that you’re not alone. There are parents all over the country raising Jewish kids who confront similar questions and quandaries. Kveller is here to connect you to each other through our discussion forums, blog, and local event listings.

Our local event listings are being piloted in New York City, but we hope to expand to other cities and neighborhoods soon."

I’ll keep this info on my blog so please spread the word. Kveller is an important site and one that will be used throughout the world to help guide us.



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